Benefit of Volunteerism

Well, volunteerism is totally important to Cambodia. Some people might say it is a waste of time to do, focusing on studying is better. However, they do not know it is beneficial to ourselves, family and specially our community. First, Volunteerism helps us to gain our self-confidence in the way we talk or work, it brings us vital potential. We can interact with other people, to work as a team, to learn more from each other, and also give us the experiences. Second, it provides a very good character to our family like our brothers, sisters, or cousin; they will start to note that volunteerism is not something you can do easily. You will need your mind open and energy on it. Finally, since Cambodia is still a developing country; it is the best sign for community. While you are doing it, you are not willing to focus on the job only. You must love it and do it with your heart. It is something that can bring peace to our society as well. Moreover, it will be the best to see our country full of active people. Therefore, our country will not only be developing anymore. The better it will be. All in all, volunteerism is definitely essential to anyone as the for the whole country.

This is just my opinion. I do love volunteer job. I only know I’m happy while I’m doing it and give me a very fresh mind… πŸ™‚


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Slept In Class(While Professor was lecturing,
Did not finish assignment,
Took a nap more in the afternoon,
Skipped Evening class,
Moreover, Taking the time to watch Korean drama only….
Gonna be super fan of Korean actors and actresses…

Happy New Year 2014

Tomorrow is the beginning day of 2014. Some people are going to Angkor Wat(Siem Reap) while others are going to Kampong Sam(The beach) for count down tonight. They are excited and ready for the New Year coming. Even my younger brother, he has a trip with his friends, except me. I’m so upset with myself 😦 it was my fault decision. However, I hope I’ll be better day by day…as time goes by. Furthermore, I want to have a nice count down day as others do in next year.


8 RULES to be Healthy in you LIVING:
-Less Soda, More Water
-Less alcohol, More Tea
-Less suger, More Fruits
-Less Meat, More Vegetables
-Less Driving, More walking
-Less worry, More Sleep
-Less Anger, More Laughter
-Less word, More Action

These rules are very special, it’s not only help us live a healthy life but it is the best For Society if anyone starts to do it in our real lives. I got these rule from my Professor’s page. I don’t know whether He created it himself or got from anywhere. I only love the Rules, thus; I post in my page.

No need to regret with the decision I made.

In life, there are many things challenging. Sometimes we are strong to overcome, but sometimes not. To me, life was hopeless when I made a wrong decision which I couldn’t get it back. I have been trouble for months because of my wrong decision. I can’t sleep, eat, or doing things I like. I blocked myself in a room. Moreover, I lost contact with my friends. Before, I’m kind of a talkative person, since this happen; I saw myself totally different. hmm…. I should have thought it clearer before I decided to do. I was too naive to believe, and the result now is made me disappointed and hopeless as well. I also thought of commit suicide. 😦 Fortunately, I thought of my life, my life still has a very long journey to go. Why should I do something stupid like this, If I have done it, I would even be more crazy, fool, stubborn.

Hmm….Still, now i’m not really better yet. However, the thing for me is to take care of myself and wait time to heal it completely. Only time that will make me better. It’s the most regrettable thing i have done in my life. Through it I have learned something new. To overcome it, I have to tell myself “what you have decide , I have to accept the result whether is good or bad. And regard it as an experience and never done it again.” I read a book while I was in a depressed mood and I found out this sentence.

Let a look of it, I am terribly easy to believe other people without think it critically. Anyways, It is such a precious lesson in my life.
Life is not end, there are a long way to going on. So there will be more challenging than this. To live you life Happy, U have to be happy first.