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Khmeng yab HUN

Today was the day I came back home. But in the morning I had to study in PC first, I still had a class this morning. In fact, it wasn’t my real class, it was just a workshop. If I knew, I wouldn’t go. Spend half of my day staying in PP. After finished this workshop around half past ten, I came back home for preparing everything to my hometown. And I had lunch at Baktouk at half past eleven. Ah HUN kmeing yab gave HUN pig and me a ride to the bus stop. Hehe^^ so nice, HUN kmeing yab gave us cake to eat a long the road. It was excited for me because I have never had someone give me like that even my 8_honesty girls. Haha…**Cool. We were travel along the road national number 5 to BMC. First I was in the bus, I slept n felt very headache and wanted to vomit nearly for 2 hours. Than I try to read books that call “I’m gifted so are u?” I really enjoyed reading it. I was fun and give me lots of advice to study. I was better after reading it. To add more, during I was reading it, I took some of the best point to show to HUN and discuss about that point together. About 7:20 I arrived in BMC and my dad drove the car to take me from the bus stop. As I arrived home, I was quickly to find something to eat. There were lots of things to eat in my refrigerator. Wonderful!


Welcome to CCH

Welcome to my Blog! I’m pleased to be here. I’m doing this for the first time. I would like to note what my daily life is, what is going on with me. Moreover, I want to share what I have learned, what I have thought, and what I have done.

Enjoy reading, guys. I ❤ you all.

Happy see u guys!

Kompot Province with D.E.A.R

Today I have a trip to Kompot for promoting reading with D.E.A.R members and other friends from different classes and universities. This plan is organized by students in Pannhasastra University of Cambodia which is called D.E.A.R. D.E.A.R stand for Drop Everything And Read. I love joining this club because I could promote how important of reading to kids those who are living in a village or country side. Cambodia is a developing country and just got up after Khmer rouge, so there are many illiterate people; they never understand important of study. Some of them go away from their school and work in factories to support their family. And They’ve thought that learning is boring, they can’t money as quick as they want. Even the school is free, they still no interest at all. It’s because they don’t love reading book, they love doing something as culture from their grandparents, parents, or the society they are living in. What I mean by the word culture? It’s about their habit since we were born there. If their parents or grandparents like farming, they will also. Moreover, most of people who live in country side are young to married; they’re mostly married in the middle age of twenty. Hence, no studying for them anymore, they have to earn money to their families. There is lots of more things to describe. However, I need to write something else.

Well, I got up since half past three and the trip started on 4:30, so I had to get up n prepare in the early morning. We’ve got three buses and students over 130. That was excited, many students joining together. We reached our goal about half past eight, and then we were dividing into group to get to the class for promoting reading. My team got six people. We promoted for the grade 9 students there.

How exciting? Most students there were friendly; they welcome us with smiling face. I was so excited; this was the first time I went to promote reading with D.E.A.R.  We talked around 2 hours because time is managed. At 11:00 we had to go to the beach for having lunch, playing game and some other activities together to get a better friendship. We had buffet which had lots of seafood. We were eating happily. After that, some were walking around the beach and taking photos.  Some of them more were playing Card. Anyway for me I was taking photos with my friends. Than we were playing games together which is called Earthquake. It was super fun. I ran ran and ran until my knee fall down for two times. Hehe…. J

Funnn…..^^ I love to play this game again and again. We were happpppy n happpppy! Now is last activity that we all had to clean the beach by picked up the rubbish on the beach.^^ hehe.. We all volunteer to work and have a rest there. *,* yep, around 5:00 we were on the road back to Phnom Penh. On bus, we were singing, introducing ourselves, telling jokes, dancing, etc. but for me I was sleeping during their singing. Haha..^^ I love to sleep lots. Hmmmm…. Now time for home…. We arrived PUC …. This is my first trip in PUC. Haha.. I found that it was fun n excited.

^^ J