Khmeng yab HUN

Today was the day I came back home. But in the morning I had to study in PC first, I still had a class this morning. In fact, it wasn’t my real class, it was just a workshop. If I knew, I wouldn’t go. Spend half of my day staying in PP. After finished this workshop around half past ten, I came back home for preparing everything to my hometown. And I had lunch at Baktouk at half past eleven. Ah HUN kmeing yab gave HUN pig and me a ride to the bus stop. Hehe^^ so nice, HUN kmeing yab gave us cake to eat a long the road. It was excited for me because I have never had someone give me like that even my 8_honesty girls. Haha…**Cool. We were travel along the road national number 5 to BMC. First I was in the bus, I slept n felt very headache and wanted to vomit nearly for 2 hours. Than I try to read books that call “I’m gifted so are u?” I really enjoyed reading it. I was fun and give me lots of advice to study. I was better after reading it. To add more, during I was reading it, I took some of the best point to show to HUN and discuss about that point together. About 7:20 I arrived in BMC and my dad drove the car to take me from the bus stop. As I arrived home, I was quickly to find something to eat. There were lots of things to eat in my refrigerator. Wonderful!


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