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^,^ Morning at 5:00am! Soon I had a bath and read bible, what I have learned today from it? It’s about?? I don’t know what is that in English? L so sad! Next time I’ll read English bible is better for me to do. My blog,  I would like to write in English. L because of my English, I just found out I’m too weak to know English. Sure! Lord, I wish u give me and everyone in this word wisdom to comprehend all lessons even in learning or reading bible. J Lord, I trust in you! My political science class was good. I love to hear my professor‘s advices. He gave us many advices of studying politic; he said, we were political scientists, we must know surly about what’re politicians in our country do, and even get more learning general knowledge from them, also. It’s not just learning from professor himself, but also research and read everyday newspapers such as Cambodia daily and Phnom Penh Post. We all must know and analyze about those news, especially politic. It’s the most important to our country, it includes our economy, development, business, and so on. So far, for my cultural class, professor reviewed some lessons for us and free for asking questions. I already asked one question, I don’t understand the word Valid and my question for him was why concept of culture is valid? After his explaining, I still not comprehend it as well.:( I was afraid to ask him again. L although I don’t understand, I’m trying hard to read textbook  again and again till I understand. J I’m sure God will always help me fruitfully. Amen!

So hungry! Quickly quickly back home. JThis afternoon after havinging lunch, I felt very headache, I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t sleep. I was afraid become Pig. Haha^^ so I decided to have a bath and went to university for searching a few documents and making up a class. Hik hik ..:-( I was late for class such I was absent. Actually, I was just being late only because I spent time in library and talk to brother Norith who is a D.E.A.R member. He asked me if I have interested in story time, he would like me to help in this project, yeah,,, this was what i was waiting to know. I do love to join; however, I am worried one thing because my pronunciation and my translation isn’t enough to teach kids. By the way, my cultural class this noon looked going smoothly. Professor gave us to do fieldwork which work in group and the topic is needed to choose by ourselves. We got lots of topic; as a result, I chose one among there. It was about corruption in high school. Sipheng and I still debated about High school and Primary school. He would like doing fieldwork in Primary but I would like doing in High school. We gonna talk more about it tomorrow. I think its good idea to vote in group. Hehe ^^. This noon I asked professor such a fool question.. haha… I couldn’t answer me because I asked him how many pages did my group have to write. Shszzz,,,! It’s depend on myself how many pages can I write,,, haha… ^^ so fun n fool question, he said, I couldn’t even answer your question. 😀 My brain always forget and not going flexible somehow. Hm… ! oh… hungry again! today full of hungry like someone who has never eaten something. I’m good at eating so much nowadays. 😀 lozzzlll…! Luckily, back home I saw Hun bought me a cop. Hehe… so lucky! Wow… still hungry… what to do…! There was an egg in the kitchen, oh. Eat again..! GaGa… 😀 puy puy!


Having GOD

I got up a little late this morning because I have no class. But I should have got up early to read bible and review my lessons, especially read cultural anthropology, the midterm is nearly coming soon. I spent time to translate my lesson; it seemed so fool to do as that. I didn’t even understand 1%. I have no ideas of it. I was so hopeless. After reading I just wasted of my time to do something else. Although I didn’t comprehend in the morning, I’m still happy with my studying. I’m trying hard to do it as well. In the afternoon, I got a wish from god. I could understand my lesson and I could answer some of my questions. ^^ hehe…! In fact, I can do i! Winner never quit, Quitter never win.:) oh one more thing, I’m a bad girl. I didn’t want to pick up Sipheng’s call. He tried hard to ride a bike cycle to come to take his flash, Y am I being like this? How come? It was not me, I think! I hate myself doing that action, moreover I tried to lie him and pretended know nothing about calling, how an awful girl? I should have been a helpful friend. And after I talked to him about 1 hour, I could get a better feeling and mind, he’s a very talkative and courage guy I know. I have made him got upset for many time. First time, I didn’t have feel to do as so, but I needed to recovery his data back first before going to format his computer, next I got one more fault, I was angry and unhappy to hear what he was talking about assignment, he looked proud of his self, I thought, because he explained all teammates about his ideas. That time I had a bad feel on him. I gave answers and respond him in a weird situation. Perhaps of seeing the pictures of Sarasmey, I wondered why he got her pictures, what was in his mind, what was he thinking about? Lactually because I was a stupid girl, why I had to think about that? I was good enough to the team that day. :/ hmm… by the way, we was talking about family and work a lot, I found out that he’s a very good guy to know. He got a complicated living; his father has gone away from him when I was young.

I was practicing guitar during my free time. It was quite pleased time to me. Be honest, I have no talent with music instrument, but I love to play them much. I just practice such a terrible sound, haha,,, even though , I’m happy with it. I relax my brain whenever I’m in trouble. 😀 I want to serve for god sometimes god gives chance to me. Nice day today!. We always satisfy to have you in my heart. You always stay with me and all peoples, especially in the country side! I want them all a better know about god as well.

On the BUS

Good morning! Today I need to be back to PP. so In the morning I decided to go to market with my mum and cooked with her. ^^ Sunny Day! After lunch I had to be back. I really don’t want back as quick as like that. It’s such a short time staying here. Hmmm…. I was sick on the bus, and I stopped at KomPong Chnang provice to have a rest first. Hun is a helpful person to know. In fact, after I was a little better, I decided to go on to PP. U know? What’s happen? There is no bus, the owner of the guest house told HUN, she was very worried. Tomorrow is her exam day. For me I have no worried at all because I think there would be a way for me. God would help me as well, he loves us all. Hun’s face immediately turned to a scared face which made me nearly scared too that no bus for us to go PP. By the way I don’t hopeless. I believed there would be a bus for us, wait only 5mn, there was a bus of Capitol coming form BB to PP; therefore, I stopped the  bus by swing my hand, than the bus stopped and allow us to go with them. That time, we was very happy, satisfied, and we did highfight when saw a bus. At 9: 30pm, I arrived my home in pp. tonight I didn’t have a bath and sleep. I was very tired, no straight with myself. And I am sick too. HUN is a helpful person….. J