On the BUS

Good morning! Today I need to be back to PP. so In the morning I decided to go to market with my mum and cooked with her. ^^ Sunny Day! After lunch I had to be back. I really don’t want back as quick as like that. It’s such a short time staying here. Hmmm…. I was sick on the bus, and I stopped at KomPong Chnang provice to have a rest first. Hun is a helpful person to know. In fact, after I was a little better, I decided to go on to PP. U know? What’s happen? There is no bus, the owner of the guest house told HUN, she was very worried. Tomorrow is her exam day. For me I have no worried at all because I think there would be a way for me. God would help me as well, he loves us all. Hun’s face immediately turned to a scared face which made me nearly scared too that no bus for us to go PP. By the way I don’t hopeless. I believed there would be a bus for us, wait only 5mn, there was a bus of Capitol coming form BB to PP; therefore, I stopped the  bus by swing my hand, than the bus stopped and allow us to go with them. That time, we was very happy, satisfied, and we did highfight when saw a bus. At 9: 30pm, I arrived my home in pp. tonight I didn’t have a bath and sleep. I was very tired, no straight with myself. And I am sick too. HUN is a helpful person….. J


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