Having GOD

I got up a little late this morning because I have no class. But I should have got up early to read bible and review my lessons, especially read cultural anthropology, the midterm is nearly coming soon. I spent time to translate my lesson; it seemed so fool to do as that. I didn’t even understand 1%. I have no ideas of it. I was so hopeless. After reading I just wasted of my time to do something else. Although I didn’t comprehend in the morning, I’m still happy with my studying. I’m trying hard to do it as well. In the afternoon, I got a wish from god. I could understand my lesson and I could answer some of my questions. ^^ hehe…! In fact, I can do i! Winner never quit, Quitter never win.:) oh one more thing, I’m a bad girl. I didn’t want to pick up Sipheng’s call. He tried hard to ride a bike cycle to come to take his flash, Y am I being like this? How come? It was not me, I think! I hate myself doing that action, moreover I tried to lie him and pretended know nothing about calling, how an awful girl? I should have been a helpful friend. And after I talked to him about 1 hour, I could get a better feeling and mind, he’s a very talkative and courage guy I know. I have made him got upset for many time. First time, I didn’t have feel to do as so, but I needed to recovery his data back first before going to format his computer, next I got one more fault, I was angry and unhappy to hear what he was talking about assignment, he looked proud of his self, I thought, because he explained all teammates about his ideas. That time I had a bad feel on him. I gave answers and respond him in a weird situation. Perhaps of seeing the pictures of Sarasmey, I wondered why he got her pictures, what was in his mind, what was he thinking about? Lactually because I was a stupid girl, why I had to think about that? I was good enough to the team that day. :/ hmm… by the way, we was talking about family and work a lot, I found out that he’s a very good guy to know. He got a complicated living; his father has gone away from him when I was young.

I was practicing guitar during my free time. It was quite pleased time to me. Be honest, I have no talent with music instrument, but I love to play them much. I just practice such a terrible sound, haha,,, even though , I’m happy with it. I relax my brain whenever I’m in trouble. 😀 I want to serve for god sometimes god gives chance to me. Nice day today!. We always satisfy to have you in my heart. You always stay with me and all peoples, especially in the country side! I want them all a better know about god as well.


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