As human being, we all need food for survival. Food is an essential part of our body. We cannot live without food. It is the basic need of us to get the energy to think, work, and grow up. Food is not always the same. Every country has its own food and taste. Hence, there are three kinds of Cambodia food that I like such as Som Lor Ma Chu Kreoung Lhong, Bok Lhong, and Khmer Noodle.

The food I like the most is Som Lor Ma Chu Kreoung Lhong. It is mixed of meat, fruit, and vegetable. It needs to have beef, papaya, Am pel Tom, Trob( kind of eggplant) and other ingredients. Oh.. one special ingredient that Cambodian mostly use in cooking this food is “Prahok”. Actually, Prahok will be strange to foreigners. When they see “Prahok”, the first expression they show must be, “hah?? It is smelly, the taste may not good”. So they are not willing to taste it as well. But if they try to taste it for once, they will probably want to try it one more time. “Prahok” helps Som Lor Ma Chu yummier. And I love this food when the taste is a little sweet and a little sour.

One more food I also enjoy eating is “Bok Lhong”. I usually eat this when I am hanging out with my friends. We all like eating this food because it provides us a unique taste. This food is made from Papaya, crab, tomato, peanut, chilly, and Prahok again. Otherwise, we can use Kapi instead of Prahok. Some people prefer “Kapi” and some people prefer “Prahok”. However, the flavors of both are made “Bok Lhong” having a good taste. Whether you choose “Prahok” or “Kapi”, it is fine.

Beside those two kinds of food, there is another food that I would like to share; it is Khmer Noodle. I like it so much too. Well, not only Cambodian like it but also foreigners. When they visit Cambodia, they do want to try this food. They want to know how it tastes. Even my Singapore friends, when they came here last year; they asked me to buy Khmer Noodle for them. And they said “it is a kind of delicious food which they cannot find in their own country”. Moreover, they also said “the taste is unique”. In fact, it is the most popular food among our Khmer Food. There are many kind of ingredients combine together.

In conclusion, Khmer Foods are very delicious even sometimes they are smelly or mixed of many ingredients together. They exactly have their own beautiful flavor. If you are willing eat the different taste of food, reminding that Cambodia is one of your choices always. Well, to me I love to have Khmer Food so much.


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