What do Friends mean???

Friends, to me, it is very to easy to make. But what the most important thing is BEST Friends. I can say I used to have be a Best Friend for one person, she liked me so much. We have known each other since we were in grade 7 in my province(BMC). We used  to have many fun together. First, we got to know each other by having argument, hehe..:D I never ever thought we would be best during that time. We were very different including characters, attitude, and so on. She liked something like female style. For example: I like simple style, I usually wore T-shirts and Jeans and she wore skirt or sth. I normally ate noodle in the morning for my breakfast, she always followed me ever she didn’t like it. I know, she preferred rice to noodle.  See! We were completely different. Even though we had many good things in our memories. She was good at Khmer literature. She could compose a poem which made me feel proud of her. She was young, yet she could do sth I have never expected. I still remember it until now. If she continued study, she would be a famous person in our country. She was an outstanding student in our class. I felt very disappointed that she stopped study this way. TIme  has passed so quick which made me sad to think about it. Our friendship ended when we were in grade 10, I guess. During grade 10, we still kept contact, but rarely. We are separated class cause we have different last name. Therefore, every thing had changed. I could not trust her anymore for many reasons. we could not be Best Anymore either. 😦

However, I’m writing this reminding me The Beautiful Memories we did. Feel miss her a lot… I hope, someday, she could find out what I have written.,,, Miss You…(C-R-Y)


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