My Friend’s Birthday(VL)

Actually, on Jan 7th was my Friend’s birthday(VL). She is one of my BF in group. I felt so sad that I couldn’t prepare everything well for her. Last year, she was upset that I forgot her birthday as well even A message I didn’t leave for her. It was my mistake 😦 she cried of waiting my SMS till midnight. This year, before her birthday about 1 month I had thought my self what I should do to make her exciting. Thus, I decided to make a Beautiful Video for her about our friendship. I designed all our pictures which we took since we have know each other. Anyways her birthday came, she was the one who call me first to hang out with her.  She said to me “You will forget my birthday again if I don’t call you”. I had no idea to answer this question. I dt know what could I do. I kept thinking of it too much. I just have a small Video for her and I don’t kn what should be a present to give her. Somehow, I only had that one Video. She must be upset again. nhmmm….. That day we called me to go market with her to buy clothes. While we were walking, we met our group members, LYHUONG and KIMLAY. I Immediately changed my face because they didn’t even have feel to talk to me. heus,, herss.. I felt unhappy so much. They already prepared something for VL. I felt very Jealous that y i can’t do it for my Friend???/? Damn,,,,,,  After seeing both of them, I felt that,…. hard to describe… by the way, VL was the one who made me feel a little better. She had been staying with me till 5 oclock. Unluckily again, they appeared in front of me an VL. They brought cake for VL. I know VL must be Satisfy to see that. I do know! I  was upset and suffered my self alot. :((((((((( not because of VL happiness, but because I feel sorry to have those friends. I shouldn’t make friends if I known this thing happened. GOOD.. This was my experience. Oh…. Back to BD, I was sending the Video to her at night, it already passed her BD. Although it’s not valuable as a Cake, I hope you love. I have put many of my effort to do it. It seemed that was not a  special gift. However, I love doing this thing to keep our friendship last forever. Friendship doesn’t value on Cake, money, or fun for once. To me, Friendship is sharing love, tears, sadness, fun, and everything not only for a day. In the end, I do hope My Friend will understand the meaning of the Video.


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