It’s my lucky to know My Medical Doctor

I have been just feeling satisfy studying with my Medical Doctor. She is specialist in her subject, so she explains so well about the lesson. I really appreciate and love her teaching. Right…I have gained knowledge after learning with her. The last day of my term with her, i only had a word to say to her. It was shy for me to say it out, however; i did it. That word was “I really LOVE Your Teaching, Dr”. I guess it was the first time for me to say the word. Perhaps, she did not know how i feel about her 🙂 It just liked today, I got an injure in my hand because of my carelessness(In University). First place i got to think of is hers, therefore; i went there. I do not know why, I felt like having warm to near her even thought I did not talk much with her. One more thing, I also like her husband. He is a professor in the University too. He was very friendly, the way he talked to me just like I am his own student. Anyways, I am writing this one because I like boss of them and I want it to be my post today… 🙂 Good luck….


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