Party time… ^^

Party time... ^^

This picture was taken a week ago. It was a enjoyable time for us eating together just like the way we used to in our high school. The people expected to come not only 5 of us. Actually, there are 3 friends more but they all could not come with their reasons as well. However, it was going smooth that day. We had a soup together in Soriya Market, then we went to Pencil Market for shopping. After that we went to eat again. That time we ate “Nom Hing”. Honesty, I did not know what to call it in English. It is a kind of Cambodian Cake. Er… The fantastic thing during that party was Birthday Party. We did it for Chenda(Talkative Friend) in advance before she had gone back to province. She came to PP for her training as I know. The thing I liked from it is the Crown of Princes and Princesses. Haha *,* so fun with the Crown. Everyone liked to have the blue color, but there was only one. The rest were PINK. ^^ Well, I just hope that to have a precious time with My Group Again and Again. I do not want to have anyone being absent for the day. ^^


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