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Happy New Year 2014

Tomorrow is the beginning day of 2014. Some people are going to Angkor Wat(Siem Reap) while others are going to Kampong Sam(The beach) for count down tonight. They are excited and ready for the New Year coming. Even my younger brother, he has a trip with his friends, except me. I’m so upset with myself 😦 it was my fault decision. However, I hope I’ll be better day by day…as time goes by. Furthermore, I want to have a nice count down day as others do in next year.


Marry Christmas

Christmas is coming… Yeah…. ^^  Image


8 RULES to be Healthy in you LIVING:
-Less Soda, More Water
-Less alcohol, More Tea
-Less suger, More Fruits
-Less Meat, More Vegetables
-Less Driving, More walking
-Less worry, More Sleep
-Less Anger, More Laughter
-Less word, More Action

These rules are very special, it’s not only help us live a healthy life but it is the best For Society if anyone starts to do it in our real lives. I got these rule from my Professor’s page. I don’t know whether He created it himself or got from anywhere. I only love the Rules, thus; I post in my page.