Benefit of Volunteerism

Well, volunteerism is totally important to Cambodia. Some people might say it is a waste of time to do, focusing on studying is better. However, they do not know it is beneficial to ourselves, family and specially our community. First, Volunteerism helps us to gain our self-confidence in the way we talk or work, it brings us vital potential. We can interact with other people, to work as a team, to learn more from each other, and also give us the experiences. Second, it provides a very good character to our family like our brothers, sisters, or cousin; they will start to note that volunteerism is not something you can do easily. You will need your mind open and energy on it. Finally, since Cambodia is still a developing country; it is the best sign for community. While you are doing it, you are not willing to focus on the job only. You must love it and do it with your heart. It is something that can bring peace to our society as well. Moreover, it will be the best to see our country full of active people. Therefore, our country will not only be developing anymore. The better it will be. All in all, volunteerism is definitely essential to anyone as the for the whole country.

This is just my opinion. I do love volunteer job. I only know I’m happy while I’m doing it and give me a very fresh mind… 🙂


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