Role Players

Role Players

Here we are….. ^^
Time is precious for us not to wasting or messing it. Life is always keep going… Therefore, to have such a beautiful time; we need to balance our work, study, relax… That will not good for us only try to do things without relaxation. It’ gonna stress us as well. This pic took while we were performing our Role Play For the Personal Growth Class. It was a good chance for us to show our ability even whatever the result will be. But at least we do try our best on it to practice whenever we are free. There are 3 days left for us to perform on the stage in University. We are looking forward to that day coming. And we do hope to have a loud applaud from the audiences.

It’s my lucky to know My Medical Doctor

I have been just feeling satisfy studying with my Medical Doctor. She is specialist in her subject, so she explains so well about the lesson. I really appreciate and love her teaching. Right…I have gained knowledge after learning with her. The last day of my term with her, i only had a word to say to her. It was shy for me to say it out, however; i did it. That word was “I really LOVE Your Teaching, Dr”. I guess it was the first time for me to say the word. Perhaps, she did not know how i feel about her 🙂 It just liked today, I got an injure in my hand because of my carelessness(In University). First place i got to think of is hers, therefore; i went there. I do not know why, I felt like having warm to near her even thought I did not talk much with her. One more thing, I also like her husband. He is a professor in the University too. He was very friendly, the way he talked to me just like I am his own student. Anyways, I am writing this one because I like boss of them and I want it to be my post today… 🙂 Good luck….